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by | 28th, August 2003

‘NEXT card out of the celebrity pack is the Two of Kebabs, the one with the tatty corner that crops up in the worst hands.

To remember in our prayers

For the purposes of today’s report it’s called Jade Goody, and it’s talking to the Star about love, life and that painful split from Jeff Brazier.

Readers learn that Jade verbally “battered” Jeff while she was pregnant. “When I was pregnant I was absolutely terrible,” says Jade, who is now merely awful.

“I was always having a go. I never ever thought of Jeff’s feelings. I’d say mean and nasty things that hurt him.

Things like, “I’m going to be with you forever”; “Wherever you go, I will be by your side”; and “It’s Saturday…I’ll get the meat paste.”

The result of this appalling behaviour was that Jeff left the love nest. “I felt like I was giving so much and not getting anything back,” he whines. “So I wrote Jade a letter and told her exactly how I felt.”

The contents of that note are not revealed, but on reading it Jade reacted badly and Jeff decided to pack his bags.

He is now back at Jade’s pad. But what was in that letter that caused such a rift? The smart money is on a picture of Jamie Oliver…’

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