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Dysfunctional Families

by | 28th, August 2003

‘THE final game of cards played today is a version of Snap with a Happy Families twist. Make that an unhappy, dysfunctional families angle, because out game involves the stars of TV soap operas.

I was either another Den or a leather handbag

We have long suspected that out there in TV land there exists a fourth dimension in which soap personnel interact – one member of one soap clan beds another character from another soap and so on.

Today we learn that EastEnders idiot Billy Mitchell (Perry Fenwick) is dating Coronation Street’s resident bent copper Emma Watts (Angela Lonsdale).

The Mirror has spotted the couple sharing holiday time in Marbella, following them as they kiss and cuddle over meals in local restaurants.

These restaurants are not local to we stay-at-home Brits, but local to Marbella, where most such dalliances occur.

If you are travelling to the Costa del Sol this year look out for other soap crossbreeding.

And don’t forget to take in the old set of Eldorado, where residents have been creating a new soap character from left over body parts and bits of leathery skin.

Dirty Den is back from the dead…’

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