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Paying For The Shirt

by | 28th, August 2003

‘YES, we are well aware that Tony Blair is due to be “grilled” today.


However, we share Number 10’s view that it is inappropriate and unhelpful to talk about the Hutton enquiry until after it has fully vindicated the People’s Prime Minister.

Instead, we ask a more pressing question. What is to be done about the menace of Cardiff City football shirts?

You may, with some justification, say that there is nothing surprising about today’s story in The Times, which reports that a young boy was taken to hospital in Swansea after sustaining serious injuries while wearing the aforesaid blue nylon number.

After all, the local boyos don’t take kindly to City fans, and are not averse to a bit of the rough stuff.

But in this case, the damage was caused in more alarming fashion. 13-year-old Sam Borley’s replica top created sufficient static electricity to spark an explosion in a leaking gas cooker on a catamaran.

The boat was blown to pieces, and young Sam suffered serious burns, as did his dad Terry. Pet dog Alfie was unhurt – no doubt thanks to his flame-resistant Anorak leisure coat (price £3.99, available from the usual address or from any god pet shop).

Cardiff chairman Sam Hamman would have done this sort of thing as a practical joke in his Crazy Gang days, but his new club is obviously a more responsible place.

Sam’s uncle Steve is vice-chairman of Cardiff City.

He held his hands up and admitted that he was “pretty sure” that the shirt had caused the explosion.

There is no suggestion, however, that Dr Kelly was investigating these shirts in the months leading up to his untimely death.’

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