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A National Disgrace

by | 28th, August 2003

‘STOP press. The Citizen Audit has just been published. Never heard of it? Neither have we, but then we don’t frequent the corridors of power, where this sort of thing is considered pretty important.

The Perfects

The survey is funded by the Economic and Social Research Council, and the Telegraph reports that in the course of studying 12,000 people in 101 local authority areas, it has arrived at a template for the “model citizen”.

She is a middle-aged woman in a managerial or professional occupation, remained in full-time education until at least the age of 19, and is “a selective television watcher”.

“Bad” citizens, on the other hand, “have no respect for the law” and “do not want to be involved in society”. You know – the sort who didn’t vote for Tony Blair and never wash behind their ears.

Prof Patrick Seyd, who co-led the project is worried by this growing “disaffected group”. He believes they “could be prey to the attentions of populist politicians”.

And that would be terrible, wouldn’t it, children?’

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