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Fat Chancers

by | 28th, August 2003

‘TELEVISION is getting increasingly flabby round the midriff.

Rik is half the man he used to be

From Celebrity Fit Club to The Fattest Men in Britain, ITV has stared wide-eyed in wonder at the sheer size of the population.

This is a surprise, since the channel is also home to Fern Britten and Lisa Riley, two women who have not let their huge size prevent them from reaching the front of the showbiz buffet.

But tonight ITV asks us once more to gasp like a fat man chasing an ice-cream van as we watch 8-30 stoners (9pm).

The title suggests the chance to see scantily clad nubile young things showing off their more discreet tattoos to the camera and imbibing lots of pills.

We do get plenty of flesh. In the flesh stakes, each star of 18-30 Stoners possesses the approximate equivalent square inch of naked, quivering flesh as an entire beach resort in Greece.

The premise is that over a week, experts try to improve the specimens of fathood, moulding them into shape.

What shape depends on the mould. But the smart money is on a big round one.’

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