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by | 28th, August 2003

‘“WHO would have guessed that the lady in red was six months’ pregnant?” asks Hello!.Not Prince Edward, that’s for sure. Never the brightest ferret in the trouser leg, Eddie would be excused for wondering what’s growing in his wife’s tum-tum.

Whatever it is, we can only hope it’s got its mother’s looks and its father’s brains. Er… make that his mother’s brains and his father’s looks.

Christ! Let’s just wish the poor little lamb lots of luck and a genetic mutation.

But Sophie Wessex, for it is she, does look so very well.

At one point in the visit to the Beating Of The Retreat ceremony in Scotland (how appropriate is that for Eddie), she very nearly lifted a finger.

She did step out onto the turf clutching a posy of flowers. And if walking was not talent enough, she later sat down and took it easy.

Meanwhile Prince Eddie stood to attention. In a kilt! Or perhaps he was just frozen in fear.

As we say, good luck, junior…’

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