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No More Mr Nice Regular Sort of Guy

by | 29th, August 2003

‘“BLAIR: I take full responsibility,” announces the Telegraph.

No sweat for Blair this time round

And, as is Tony’s way, he has indeed taken full responsibility. Responsibility for doing the right thing. Responsibility for taking tough decisions. Responsibility, in short, for being a damn fine leader.

As he says, history will be his judge, and it will judge him to be right.

Of course, there are critics. That, as Tony says, is only right and proper. But the critics are wrong, and he is right. Not that the critics have much to say.

The Times complains that at the Hutton enquiry yesterday, “we saw a new side of Tony Blair”. This Tony is “cold and unfeeling”, and “unwilling to express regret about the events leading up to the death of David Kelly”.

Some of us here at Anorak don’t much care for the usual Mr Blair – described acidly by the Times as “the pretty straight kind of guy that we have come to know and love”. In fact, he tends to make us retch.

We don’t know how long the new Tony will be around, but, like the current rainy spell after a long hot summer, we find it rather refreshing.’

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