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by | 29th, August 2003

‘REMEMBER the Cheating Major? No, not Major Hewitt, the other one… You know, the “Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?” scammer? Yeah, the coughing one: Major… er…

‘Can I phone a Fisherman’s Friend?’

Ah, yes, here we are, it’s in the Telegraph. Major Charles Ingram. But the paper’s story isn’t about him.

It’s about his accomplice – the college lecturer bloke who actually did the coughing. Apparently he has registered his name with the patent office.

Why has he done this? To stop cough sweet manufacturers using his name. He thinks this would be exploitative, and he’s “not having that”.

Usually companies like to use names with a high recognition factor, or at the very least, names that can be recognised after a bit of memory jogging.

The Cheating Major would probably work. But how many of us would recognise the name of… er… Tecwen Whittock?

Oh well, Tecwen can dream. Crazy name, crazy guy.’

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