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Going Underground

by | 29th, August 2003

‘“IT’S an absolute disgrace,” says Ken Livingston in the Sun. And we ask, what is, Ken. Perhaps you’d like to give us a list?

Ken’s Londoners relive the spirit of The Blitz

Reading on we learn that today’s disgrace is the blackout that left half a million people in south London and Kent without electrical power.

“It is totally unacceptable that this has happened,” says Ken, wearing his London mayor’s hat. “It’s a horrendous situation.”

He’s right to be disappointed, of course. Whereas in New York tens of millions were recently plunged into total darkness, the best London can do is lose a measly 500,000 souls.

Of that number, 250,000 were stuck on the rail network, many on the Tube, as every line on the London underground shut down at the height of evening rush-hour.

The Sun hears from lots of disgruntled commuters with time to kill, livid that the power cut extended their journey times from the average ten hours to ten hours and ten minutes.

People like Charles Pearson, who says that he was stranded in the City and all the taxis were taken and the buses were full.

While that’s encouraging for Ken, friend of the cab driver and supporter of the big red bus, we ask who is to blame for the incident?

At the moment the Sun and Star are not speculating on what caused the blackout, but the Mail does have a headline that suggests it might know: “As asylum figures fall, are migrants just going underground.”

But don’t be too hard on the asylum seekers – the Underground is home from home, a reminder of happier times when they lived in the Channel Tunnel…’

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