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by | 1st, September 2003

‘PENNY Lancaster is not just Rod Stewart’s blonde du jour – she is also, we are constantly reminded, a photographer.

Photographer Penny suffers from too much exposure

And we have no doubt she could become an excellent proponent of her chosen craft if ever she discovers which side of the camera to look through.

In the meantime, Penny continues doing what she does best – taking off her clothes and parading in her underwear for the benefit of the waiting snappers.

And yesterday was no exception, with the Mirror just one of several papers who are keen to give their readers a Rod’s eye view of the leggy, er, photographer.

“I don’t know what others think, but I never tire of looking at her,” said Rod (of his lover, 26 years his junior).

“She has the perfect body for modelling, especially those long, incredibly sexy legs.”

Er, we think you mean she has the perfect body for photography, Rod. After all, she’s only one long incredibly sexy leg short of a tripod…’

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