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2020 Vision

by | 1st, September 2003

‘WHAT’S black and white and red all over? A sunburnt penguin in 2020. (Times might change but the best gags are always hilarious.)

‘I’m so proud of you, I could puke’

The Guardian tells us that the earth is warmer than it has been at any time in the past 2,000 years. Which makes us wonder what things will like in 17 years’ time.

This is not an idle time period, as the Times already has a vision of life in 2020, preparing a Rich List of the movers and shakers of that era.

Now young and full of vigour, tomorrow’s fat and slow high earners are profiled in a list from one to twenty. And top of the pile is 19-year-old Carl Churchill.

The Rich List 2020 says that this teeneged founder of some Internet company will be worth £100m. Which is only what a great guy like Carl deserves. As is the £50m earned by actress Keira Knightly, who is truly magnificent.

A special mention must be made of Adam Hildreth (£40m) who left school at 16 to found Dubit “a youth marketing company”.

It’s hard to dislike Adam, who like Anorak, aims at a young, vibrant demographic. (Advertising rates on application, Adam.)

And we will all love footballer Wayne Rooney (£25m) and William Felix, who set up Felix Mowers (£5m) in February and has a passion for renovating vintage tractors.

The truly surprising thing is that the list finds no place for Euan Blair, who will surely be worth a pretty penny when Bristol Property Discounts floats on the stock market.

Unless he’s already moved to New Jerusalem with mum and dad…’

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