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Protesters Beseige Waxworks

by | 1st, September 2003

‘August 31 1978POLICE arrested four protesters at the Madame Tussaud’s waxworks in London, following a disturbance in the Chamber of Horrors.

Hitler’s waxwork gets on their wick

All four were supporters of the Anti-Nazi League, the organisation responsible for disrupting Buster Mottram’s match at Wimbledon after the player expressed his support for the National Front.

Protesters stood up between points to shout ‘Buster Mottram is a Nazi!’ through megaphones, and contributed greatly to the British No.1’s early exit from the tournament.

Today the tactics were the same, but the target very different. This time they had Adolf Hitler himself in their sights – or rather, his waxwork likeness.

A single protester with a megaphone stood by the effigy, intoning ‘Adolf Hitler is a Nazi!’ over and over again until he was eventually removed by security guards.

Outside, an angry crowd shouted: ‘Adolf, Adolf, Adolf – Out! Out! Out!’

The demonstrators were eventually dispersed by the police, but vowed that the protest would continue.

‘Adolf Hitler once said that the only thing that could have stopped his rise to power was the physical smashing of his National Socialist movement in its infancy,’ said Dave Rogers of the Anti-Nazi League.

‘We have a duty to future generations to make sure that he doesn’t raise his ugly head again.’

[Compiled by Ed Barrett]’

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