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The New Beckhams

by | 1st, September 2003

‘OUT of sight, out of mind. Since David Beckham and his wife Victoria moved to Spain, there has (as keen-eyed observers will have noticed) barely been a mention of them in the papers.

In fact, such is the hole that the couple have left in the celebrity gossip columns that a national search has been launched to find a replacement.

And at the forefront of that search is OK!, cruelly robbed of Princess Diana six years ago and now deprived of its favourite pairing.

It seems the only criterion for being the new Beckhams is the ability to provide “an intoxicating mix of sport and showbiz” – which, given how many footballers date models and soap actresses, is not in short supply.

However, it is highly debatable whether Birmingham City midfielder David Dunn and Emmerdale star Sammy Winward would bring Tokyo to a halt if they decided to visit Japan.

Southampton striker James Beattie and Sarah Rendle provide an intoxicating mix of sport and, er, studentdom – but will that be enough to conquer a recalcitrant America?

And what about Arsenal’s French striker Thierry Henry and his “publicity-shy” model wife, Nicole Merry?

“David Beckham changes his hairstyle 10,000 times a year,” says Thierry. “But I’m not like that. I want people to talk about me, not for my clothes, my haircut or my cars.”

So, a black man who likes to keep his life off the football pitch to himself and his publicity-shy wife – it’s almost like the Beckhams never went away.’

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