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Engrave Danger

by | 2nd, September 2003

‘YESTERDAY was Romeo Beckham’s first birthday and we hope you all remembered to send the little tyke a present.

‘I thought you said two becomes one’

And we also hope it’s in better taste than the present sent to Day-vid, who today tells the Sun how he once received an envelope containing a death threat and two bullets.

“Both slugs had the soccer star’s name scratched on the side,” reveals the horrified paper.

And horrified it should be – not least by the lack of time and trouble that had gone into personalising the gift.

In future, anyone intending to send the Beckhams bullets for their birthday would be advised to get them professionally monogrammed.

But there is worse to come. The Sun says the accompanying note told a shaken Day-vid that one bullet was for him and one was for Victoria.

Not only did this tax Day-vid’s mathematical abilities, but it “still makes my stomach churn over”.

After all, if one bullet was for him and one was Victoria, it would have been only polite to have scratched her name on the side of one of the slugs.

Much better is the present Victoria is seen wearing in this morning’s Mirror – a T-shirt bearing the slogan: “When I Was Your Age, I Was Dumb Too!”

Don’t worry, Day-vid – she is only 13 months older than you, which means you will have caught her up by October next year.’

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