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The Van Gogh Diet

by | 2nd, September 2003

‘PEOPLE will go to great lengths to lose weight, but we don’t recommend that you follow magician David Blaine’s example and cut your ear off.

‘It beats bodypump classes’

The Star sees the oddball star hack his lobe off with a Swiss Army penknife borrowed from a cameraman, all the while screaming and cursing in front of a live audience.

“Then he immediately showed me the bloody stump where his ear had been and I could see no sign of trickery – just a ragged strip of torn flesh,” says the reporter.

Anyway, if you’re serious about losing weight, an ear here or there is not going to make much difference.

You’d be far better off chopping off an arm or a leg – or, alternatively, following the Mirror’s 14-day “better than the Atkins” diet.

Or the Express’ “diet that really works”. Or writing to the Mail’s “Atkins agony aunt”.

Or getting off your fat arse and doing a bit of exercise.’

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