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Shaker Not Stirred

by | 2nd, September 2003

‘MOST people’s vision of modern art and modern artists is obscured by a large dead shark pickled in foul smelling formaldehyde.

‘Over here, Maria’

There is also the small matter of Tray-cee Emin’s bed, adding a certain odour to the skewed view.

Tonight’s Grand Design Indoors (C4, 8:00pm) will not help you understand modern art any better, but it will enable you to know what kind of house Damien Hirst likes to spend his summers in.

That’s the thing about modern art – unlike old art, it pays the artist money while they’re still alive.

Damian and his wife, Maria Norman, are seen as they set to work establishing, creating and cogitating on their Shaker-style summer retreat in the grounds of their country home.

To those not in the know, Shaker means impoverished – think the set from TV’s Tenko, but with fewer design features.

So will Damian make a decent fist of it? Or will he just saw the whole thing in half and get plastered?

Watch and see…’

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