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Hanging Basket Case

by | 3rd, September 2003

‘IF you must spend your time marching to a Bolivian drum, don’t bother locking yourself in the toilets – the police have got much better things to do than bust you for shovelling cocaine up your nose.

Exhibit A

Just ask South Yorkshire’s assistant chief constable Steve Chamberlain.

His recreational drug of choice is a 35-year-old blonde inspector, who just happens to be married to one of his sergeants.

Or at least it was until his wife Jane, mother of his two children, turned detective and drove up to the country cottage where her husband stayed during the week.

‘Jane was shocked when she peered in through the window,’ the Sun says, ‘and saw the place strewn with make-up and clothes belonging to blonde inspector Helen Chapman.

‘The fuming wife – who had herself been used to staying at the cottage on trips to visit her husband – GRABBED a hanging basket put up by Helen as evidence.’

Inspector Chapman denies any wrongdoing, saying that both her and the assistant chief constable were estranged from their spouses.

‘Mrs Chamberlain came here and took my hanging basket,’ she said, ‘and from the legal point of view that amounted to theft.’

Mrs Chamberlain is now suing for divorce, claiming unreasonable behaviour on the part of her husband of eight years.

Mrs Chapman and her husband Alan are also negotiating a divorce after 11 years of marriage.

As for the hanging basket, we are glad to hear from Helen that ‘it’s back on the wall where it belongs’.’

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