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Bare Baiting

by | 5th, September 2003

‘ON the Richter scale of showbiz surprises, the news that Rod Stewart’s ex is prepared to take her clothes off for her role in Denial, a UK version of Sex And The City, registers somewhere around the 0.0 mark.

‘I’m really a serious actor, darling’

It is almost impossible to open up a magazine or newspaper these days without seeing the model-turned-actress or her successor as Rod’s blonde du jour, Penny Lancaster, in an advanced state of undress.

If Rache rips her kit off on TV, then it is surely only a matter of time before Pen does likewise. The competition between the two is like a B-list version of the C-list scrap between Jordan and Jodie Marsh.

As for Denial, what can we say? Any time we hear talk of a British version of Friends or a British version of Seinfeld or a British version of Frasier, our skin starts to crawl.

It doesn’t matter if Rachel and her co-stars Frances Barber (star of the awful Manchild) and Emily Lloyd (star of Wish You Were Here) parade around naked from the first minute of the first episode, this one’s going down faster than a Club 18-30 rep in Faliraki.’

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