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It’s A Bust

by | 5th, September 2003

‘DID the Government ‘sex up’ the dossier about Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction to persuade the British public of the need to go to war with Iraq?

‘Where did I put my bicycle pump?’

Who cares? The big debate in this morning’s papers is not whether the claim that the Iraqi dictator could deploy chemical weapons in 45 minutes was real or fake.

It is the far more important question of which celebrity boobs are real or fake.

Following Geri Halliwell’s appearance in yesterday’s papers with a newly inflated chest, the Mirror casts an expert eye over some celebrity breasts and asks whether nature has received a helping hand.

Among the busts under the spotlight are those belonging to Britney Spears, Claire Sweeney, Tess Daly, Jennifer Ellison and Geri’s fellow Spice girl, Victoria Beckham.

Of the latter, author Kathy Lette once said: ‘Her boobs are so big that it’s not that she’s had breast implants. It’s more that her breasts have had a Posh implant.’

But still the Sun’s not sure, saying the debate is raging over whether she’s had an op or not.

However, Brookside babe Jennifer Ellison is very definitely in the surgically enhanced camp, despite her claims that her transformation from a B cup to a D cup is down to exercise and a natural filling-out process.

But what of Geri? ‘Predictably, her ‘people’ dismiss the suggestion,’ says the Mirror.

‘So is her return to a curvy 32E cup down to a miracle boosting gel, a healthier diet or just padded underwear?’

Or has she, as the photographs suggest, just stuck two huge watermelons up her jumper? We leave it to Lord Hutton to decide.’

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