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Therefore Art Thou

by | 5th, September 2003

‘ROMEO and Juliet were about the same age as puppy love runaways 15-year-old Ashley Lamprey and 12-year-old Natasha Phillips.

In shape, a lot bigger than an agate stone

But one wonders whether Shakespeare’s play would have been the classic it is had the denouement taken place in a record shop in Milton Keynes rather than a graveside in Verona.

That was where the couple were found yesterday after running off together in a bid to prove to their parents that their holiday romance was the real thing.

It is admittedly less drastic – and rather less dramatic – than Ashley taking poison and Natasha stabbing herself to death.

But is seems to have the desired effect with both sets of parents telling the Mail that they would let the relationship continue.

‘I am really happy, glad it’s all over,’ said Natasha’s mum. ‘I am going to talk to Ashley’s mum, Karen, and we will work as a team so they don’t run off again.

‘We will try to treat them as young adults.’

Meanwhile, Ashley’s mum said: ‘Now I want to meet the girl who has stolen my son’s heart. I’ve spoken to her on the phone and she seems very nice.’

For never was a story of more joy/Than this of Natasha and her boy.’

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