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Playing Games

by | 8th, September 2003

‘THOSE of certain age will remember Superstars, the TV show where sportsmen competed for points in various disciplines, like climbing a wall and seeing how many squat thrusts they could do in 60 seconds.

Mel C has been training hard

Brian Jacks was very good at these. Apparently a judo exponent, Jacks made a name as a squat thrusts expert. In the pantheon of squat thrusters, Jacks was the best.

Soon, inexplicably given Jacks and his abilities, the show died. Time past on and one day Channel 4 ran out of ideas.

All the bight young things with the TV-trigger minds have gone soft, gone bad or gone away. And the dross left at the broadcaster came up with The Games 2003.

The date is important, suggesting that there will be a 2004 a 2005 and even a 2006 of the show – a show that is essentially a rebranding of Super Stars, with celebrities in place of sportsmen.

So at 6pm ten celebrities compete against each other in a test of mental and physical strength as cameras see if Melanie C can beat Gail Porter in a judo fight, and whether can Bobby Davro lift his own weight off the ground?

And if James Hewitt can hit the others in the shooting contest. Oh, we see. Apparently, that’s for series two…’

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