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Penny For Them

by | 8th, September 2003

‘WHEN at around the mid-point of OK!’s audience with Penelope Cruz, it asks, “Do you ever get sick of the questions regarding your private life?”, we wonder how well the interview is going.

Penny was keen to keep her massive right ear hidden from view

The photographs of the exchange give little away, showing as they do Penny in various stages of whimsy.

She’s an expert in leaning on the right side of her face, putting her hands into kind of cradle and resting her head on them.

Like us you may well wonder why it’s always the right side and never the left. Not until she masters the Stanislavski dual lean can Penny be a true Hollywood great. Mark our words.

In the meantime she’s using her head for thinking. And she needs all her brains to answer questions like: “Do you feel the pressure Hollywood puts on women to maintain their looks as they get older.”

“No,” says Penny, aged 29.

“Do you consider yourself to be a spiritual person?” “Yes,” says Penny. “You spend a lot of time in America…” “Yes,” says Penny.

“Who’s going to take your place in Spain now that you’re a successful actress in films all over the world?” “Am I going to die or something?” says Penny.

Not die, but if you move your hands to the left, your head could fall off.

And in answer to the first question, that one about her private life and if fielding the same questions sickens her, Penny says, “No”.’

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