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Penny Drops For Cruz

by | 8th, September 2003

‘WITH two failed marriages behind him, Tom Cruise has apparently abandoned hope in favour of expectation and decided that he will never marry again.

Getting married is a risky business for Tom

Tom’s two divorces from Mimi Rogers and then Nicole Kidman tore his heart out,” an insider tells this week’s National Enquirer.

“But the split from Nicole was by far the worst. He’s confided to close friends that he probably never will get over it.”

All of which is bad news for long-term girlfriend Penelope Cruz, whose desire to become the pint sized star’s pint-sized wife looks like being unfulfilled.

“Penelope doesn’t need to worry,” a source says. “Tom’s not a player. He’s into monogamy and he’s content with their relationship.

“Still, one thing seems certain: Penelope may be Tom’s girlfriend, but there’s little hope she’ll ever become Mrs Tom Cruise.”

No such qualms about another trip to the altar for Jennifer Lopez, who has waltzed through two marriages and is halfway down the aisle for marriage number three.

But the course of Hollywood love never does run smooth and this week the Enquirer unveils news of “a new sex scandal” involving fiancé Ben Affleck.

As you know, Ben was supposed to have had his stag night a couple of months early, romping with lapdancers he met in a Vancouver strip joint.

Now, a “shameful” video of a hunk, who’s a deadringer for Ben, pleasuring himself is doing the rounds of gay Internet sites.

“Of course, the pictures aren’t for real, but they are yet another blow just when things were getting back to normal,” a source tells the Enquirer.

Insiders who have seen the video clip say that it is soon obvious that the star is not Ben Affleck – his performance is said to be far too convincing.’

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