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Boxing Match

by | 9th, September 2003

‘WHEN David Blaine chose London as the venue for his latest stunt – spending 44 days without food in a glass box – he should have done his homework.

‘First one to knock him off wins’

For, instead of gawping in awe at the American’s endurance, the British crowd have decided to put it to the test by pelting the box with eggs and golf balls.

In his two previous stunts in New York, Blaine has drawn large audiences both live and on TV, most of whom have been there to cheer him on.

In London, not only has he had to contend with a volley of golf balls hit from nearby Tower Bridge, women baring their breasts at him and someone trying to throw their fish and chips over him, but the crowd has been numbered in the hundreds rather than the thousands.

One man was apparently so bored of watching the sleeping Blaine on TV that he turned up at the river with a set of drums intent on waking him up.

Blaine’s girlfriend Manon von Gerkan tells the Independent: ‘I find it quite bizarre that people here have felt it necessary to throw eggs and other things at David.

‘We never had anything like this in New York – the worst we got was the odd ‘fuck off’. I must say I find these kind of people really strange.’

Unlike a man who spends six weeks shut inside a glass box, 35 hours standing on top of a large pole, 61 hours entombed in ice, a week buried alive…’

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