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No Nudes Is Bad News

by | 10th, September 2003

‘WHEN you think of Southend, you think of high art. You don’t? Well, you should do.

Especially for Southend theatregoers, Glynis Barber’s breast

The Essex seaside resort was one of the first names on the list to sign up a touring production of the West End hit, The Graduate.

And it, er, holds a pantomime every Christmas.

But even connoisseurs of fine art like the good burghers of Southend have their standards and, when they learned that Glynis Barber – the blonde bird from Dempsey & Makepeace who plays Mrs Robinson in The Graduate – keeps her kit on for the entire play, they were not happy.

They had been promised nudity – and nudity is what they wanted.

Now, according to the Telegraph, the Cliffs Pavilion Theatre are threatening to axe the show, claiming that it was misled.

But the show’s producer Sacha Brooks insisted that he had never promised nudity.

‘We have never insisted on nudity and every actress who played it in London played it slightly differently, playing with the towel in a different way,’ he said.

‘For the tour, I honestly don’t know what Glynis is wearing under the towel. I do know that she wears nothing on top, but that’s all I can say.’

In other words, you can see her tits, but not her bits. Put that on your publicity posters…’

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