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Let The Games Begin

by | 10th, September 2003

‘WHERE The Games: Live fails is that the contestants are not good enough at sport to hold our interest (like in Superstars) and not bright enough to be Krypton Factor types.

Brian Apsely, 26, from Harrogate

The show would be improved upon if the agonists were not real celebrities but just dressed up like them. It would be It’s A Knockout with Vanessa Feltz fat suits and huge, square Anthea Turner heads replacing the penguin costumes of old.

But the powers that be can only see what they see, and chose instead to give Gail Porter and Mel C the oxygen of publicity.

Meanwhile there’s Other’s People’s Houses (C4 at 8pm) in which a small woman called Naomi, who dresses and talks like Hitler’s interior designer, takes the rising damp out of people’s taste.

While on BBC2 at 9pm you can catch Chelsea Tales, a story of the life in what is billed as “Britain’s richest square mile”.

All in all, these TV crimes make The Bill’s (ITV at 8pm) everyday tale of villainy seem positively innocent.’

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