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by | 10th, September 2003

‘YEARS ago, Anna Walker was one of Sky’s most high-profile TV presenters, even fronting her own adventure travel series called Walker’s World.

‘Have I told you that Catherine Zeta Jones is my best friend?’

These days, her claim on the public consciousness is confined to the fact that she was Catherine Zeta Jones’ maid of honour at her marriage to Michael Douglas.

Appearances on TV are as rare as a 10th wedding anniversary in Hollywood.

And even when our Anna does get a gig, it is in her status as professional friend – as when she travelled to the Venice Film Festival for This Morning to interview, er, Catherine Zeta Jones.

If Hello! is to be believed, this is a situation that Anna (who is pregnant with twins) is entirely comfortable with.

‘These days,’ it says, ‘Anna is only too happy to lead a more down-to-earth lifestyle.’

But of course Hello! isn’t to be believed – Anna, like Anthea Turner, is desperate to revive her comatose career.

Anthea actually managed to get a part on Celebrity Big Brother, unlike Anna who had to be content with first reserve status on the first series of I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!

But, as Catherine’s friend, Anna at least gets to show off a mouth that puts Carol Smillie to shame and talk about her pregnancy and her career.

‘Catherine actually knew about this pregnancy even before my family,’ she says. ‘She was hugely supportive and very excited.

‘We stay with her and Michael once a year so I like to think that as the children get older, they will be friends. You can’t force it, of course [and God knows I’ve tried], but they’re close in age.’

And what of her career – or at least her interview with you know who?

‘The difference is that I know more about her than I would about most interviewees because we’ve been close friends for years,’ she says.

‘I would never want to compromise that friendship, it’s much too important to me.’

Indeed. Why jeopardise your friendship for your career, especially when the friendship is your career?’

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