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by | 11th, September 2003

‘IF you want to get ahead in Hollywood get a black head. And if you want to go A-list, get a white head with blonde hair growing out of it…and squeeze it until it hurts.

Meg has started washing her face in chip fat

It’s the image of unloveliness that affronts readers of the Sun today as they see a picture of Cameron Diaz’s acne encrusted cheek.

She would turn the other one, but the story goes that there are only more of the troublesome red dots there too.

After telling us that ‘even I have flaws’, humble Big Brother winner Cameron goes on to say that her skin is so over-sensitive she gets inflamed spots at the smallest thing.

‘I even touch door handles with tissues,’ she confides. ‘On days like that I just stay away from the mirror.’

And one way to guarantee a respectful distance is maintained between mirror and face is to buy an Anorak Mirror Oche, a not-to-be-crossed ‘preening line’ placed 237cm from the front face of the mirror – or indulge in a lip enlargement.

Meg Ryan, as the Mail reports, has foolishly opted for option two, and is the latest star to go for the so-called ‘trout pout’, that just-smacked-in-the-kisser look so beloved of actresses.

In the Star’s sensitive hands this surgery becomes a ‘gob job’, and the paper lists the other notables who have opted for the fuller lipped figure.

Their names are by now familiar to all fans of Doctors Nip ‘n’ Tuck – Lynne Perrie, Melanie Griffith and, of course, Leslie Ash.

But the big-lipped look is out, and the spotty complexion is in. Cameron Diaz and 101 Dalmatians cannot be wrong…’

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