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Blind Tasting

by | 12th, September 2003

‘THANKS to researchers, and the Star, we learn that those worldly Glaswegians buy more Indian meals from supermarkets than people of any other region, and that Geordies prefer Italian pizzas and pastas.

‘Put those lights out!’

Residents of Nottingham eat the most Chinese and those yeomen of Kent love traditional British fayre more than anyone else.

In London and the south-east, the Mail finds that people typically eat salmon three times a day as part of the Perricone diet. Many eat nothing at all, and are known as mod-els and made-for-TV celebrities.

But the Mirror says that other Londoners don’t have clue what they’re putting in their mouths, or where it’s been. They’re indulging in the latest dating craze from American – Dating In The Dark.

In this variant to fancying someone and asking them out, the desperate and lonely get to play an adult version of the childhood murder game, when the lights would go out and you’d attack anyone in your path.

This game comes with wine, cheese and a main course that looking through the waiter’s night-vision goggles could be a fillet of succulent beef or a furled napkin.

The key ingredient is wit and charm. Since it’s dark, your voice, presence and smell are all the object of your desire will have to identity you.

In many ways, it’s like waking up after a typical drunken British Faliraki fumble, only with organic bread and something of the consistency of wet meringue in your mouth…’

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