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Seconder Rates

by | 12th, September 2003

‘WAS it because they called him “Wingnut”? Did the girls make fun of his woggle? Until some butler tells all, we can only guess why Prince Charles has it in for Scouts and Girl Guides.

Oggi Off

The Sun says that that the Prince’s Duchy of Cornwall estate has hiked the annual rent for a hall in Dorchester used by these uniformed do-gooders from £1,600 to £5,000.

“It’s a disgrace,” says Brain Newton, the driving force behind the Central Dorchester Scouts group. ”It’s particularly bad because Charles has always been keen to help youth groups.”

It does make for an unpleasant read. But worse news for Charles is that his meanness will also affect other users of the hall, like the YMCA, the Boys’ Brigade and, more worryingly of all, the judo club.

The local Miss Dorchester pageant might turn nasty should Charles happen along…’

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