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The Boys Who Didn’t Cry Wolf

by | 12th, September 2003

‘TONY Blair hasn’t yet been accused of ordering a hit on Robin Cook’s friend Anna Lindh.

Captain blames agressive sardines for boat damage

And there was more good news for the beleaguered PM yesterday, when he was cleared of all responsibility for the damage done to HMS Nottingham during its encounter with Wolf Rock in the South Pacific last year.

In case you didn’t know, Wolf Rock is not a Scandinavian rock singer, Californian porn actor, or a former star of the once-popular Gladiators TV show. It is a rock sticking out of the sea near Lord Howe Island.

And the officers of HMS Nottingham thought it was moonlight reflecting on the water. Or rather, the officers in charge at the time of the incident thought that.

The Times reports that the rest were on shore having a knees-up with some Australian sailors who had lent them assistance earlier when one of the crew needed medical treatment.

While the party was in full swing the remaining shower managed to cock-up the navigation – hence the prang. Cue collapse of stout party plus ship.

Yesterday the top men were given a slap on the wrist at the court martial and the rest were sentenced to 100 hours community service, to be spent mending old age pensioners’ boats and repairing damaged rocks in underprivileged neighbourhoods.’

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