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Fat Suits

by | 12th, September 2003

‘NICOLE Kidman is “looking like” she’s lost some 15 pounds in weight and, as the Enquirer tells us, “friends are concerned”.

Nicole wears Calista’s old clothes

We are proud to number ourselves among Nicole’s inner circle of concerned well-wishes, but must confess to a smirk of self-satisfied pride.

Eagle eyes will have spotted that “looking like” in line one. And it’s there because Nicole’s wearing our Anorak EZee Slim range of clothing.

To many eyes not overly familiar with the latest fashion technology, Nicole does appear like the Enquirer’s “scarecrow”, and that’s one that looks like it’s had the stuffing knocked out of it.

Nicole’s spokesman Catherine Olim wants to put paid to any rumours, and is on hand to say that her client and, dare we say friends, is a “great mother”.

And generous. We must thank Nicole, who has taken it upon herself to work as an EZee model without pay.

The actual Anorak girl can be seen in our forthcoming brochure, where Vanessa Feltz, for it is ever she, pulls on our trousers and does a passable impression of Calista Flockhart…’

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