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by | 15th, September 2003

‘THE Star says that Kevin Keegan “reckons” Nicolas Anelka can “rule the world”. The basis of this hyperbolic claim is that yesterday the sulky po-faced Frenchman scored three goals in Manchester City’s 4-1 win over Aston Villa.

Now appearing in Manchester

That two of the strikes were from the penalty spot fails to put a dent in Keegan’s typical enthusiasm. And so it is that Kev waxes lyrical.

“I think there is still much more to come from Nicolas,” says Kev. “He is 24. I was 27 before I learned what the game was all about.” Only to forget everything when he took over as England’s coach.

Anelka has been hyped and championed for years now, so another story about how great he can be is not such big news. As is the by now usual tale of how someone is all set to buy Manchester United.

The Express says that shares in the club have jumped on the speculation that no less than three foreign billionaires are vying to buy the club.

The paper fails to give a hint – probably because it doesn’t have a clue – as to the identities of this shadowy trio. Could one be Bill Gates, ready to turn United into a 3D computer game? Or some footballer from Real Madrid, seeking revenge for that flying boot?

While we wonder about that, the Mail applauds Europe’s win in golf’s Solheim Cup, the female equivalent of the Ryder Cup.

We are treated to shots of women dressed as men in Comfi-Slax and tank tops running to each other ready to embrace. Catrin Nilsmark, clad in a truly horrible black-and-white check sweater, holds the crystal cup aloft.

If this is doing good work for the emancipation of women in sport, a world that is still run and dominated by men, it does little for the fairer sex in the fashion stakes.

But a win is a win, whatever the cut of the cloth. And it was for Michael Schumacher, that charmless formula one motor racing champion, who yesterday recorded a win at the Italian Grand Prix.

The German now leads the race to be world champion by three points over Juan Pablo Montoya. And it’s causing some debate over who will win the overall prize.

But our money’s on the one with the fastest car. And that’s the German…’

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