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A Woman Spurned

by | 15th, September 2003

‘WISE heads have long counselled Cherie Booth to keep her mouth shut. And today she does so beautifully, as she smiles, with lips closed from the front of the Daily Telegraph.

‘Grin of Cheshire, eye of imp – make my Tony, Cherie’s gimp!’

But it is a safe bet that her pink lipgloss was not applied by her former guru and stylist Carole Chaplin on this occasion. The paper reports that the out-of-favour crank has said, “I understand how that man Kelly felt” – a reference to her own experience of being hounded out of Downing Street.

She has been “dropped” from the Blairs’ circle of friends – a beleaguered circle resembling General Custer’s wagons – on the grounds that she has links to “a newspaper that the Blairs regard as hostile” (that’s the Mail on Sunday to you and me).

Cherie is “consulting other advisors on fashion matters”. And, no doubt, other astrologers, tarot readers, white witches, clairvoyants, and purveyors of healing crystals.

The paper says that Number 10 is “ready to weather any storm” that Ms Caplin may create. But not, perhaps, Storm Recipe Number Seven, which she is at this minute creating, using a giant cauldron in the New Forest, and a book of super-potent spells.’

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