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Because They’re Worth It

by | 15th, September 2003

‘SPEAKING of John Lennon, we can reveal a hitherto unheard of demo tape of “Imagine”, which includes an extra verse that was eventually cut for being “too Utopian”.

‘Imagine there’s no Tony…’

“Imagine all the children, passing Maths GCSE,” it begins, before exhorting the kids to take the exam, because, “it’s easy if you try”.

Well, the good news is that, while the rest of the song remains pie-in-the-sky, Lennon’s exam dream has come to pass.

The Telegraph reveals that, in order to avoid “mass failure” (and thus, presumably, mass self-harming, mass suicide, mass self-esteem-lowering and mass counselling), an exam board has lowered its pass mark.

The Qualifications and Curriculum Authority said it was “confident that this year’s students got the grades they deserved”. And a big hug too, we hope.’

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