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Atomic Kitten Gets Catty

by | 15th, September 2003

‘OUCH! Anorak’s favourite celebrity columnist, the aerodynamically inefficient Kerry Katona, has sharpened her claws this week and isn’t scared to use them.

‘Didn’t I meet you on Brian’s stag night?’

MIAOW! Mariah Carey gets a broadside from the former Atomic Kitten – she is branded “weird”, “immature”, “diva-ish” and “childlike” and told that she has lost sight of reality.

SCRATCH! Kerry just can’t take Rod Stewart’s blonde Penny Lancaster seriously – “it seems that she always has to be in the limelight and the only way she’s going to do it is by dancing sexily and wearing next to nothing”.

HISS! Any girl who gets involved with Lee or Duncan from Blue is “just stupid”.

“OK, if you’re after a one-night stand, then fine – but to actually get involved in a relationship with them when it’s so obvious what they’re like…!”

So, that would be Anya Lahiri, formerly of Precious, whom our Kerry is calling stupid as she has just got back together with Duncan, would it?

“Anya is a lovely girl,” she goes on, “and I hope she and Duncan last, but whether she can get over the fact that he’s slept with so many other girls, I just don’t know.”

Stranger things have happened – like forgiving your husband for going to bed with a lapdancer on his stag night while you’re at home pregnant, for example.’

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