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Heart (And Legs) Of Oak

by | 15th, September 2003

‘WHOEVER told Nikki Sanderson, Coronation Street crimper Candice, that she had nice legs has a lot to answer for.

Squirrels beware!

Because the 19-year-old slips into a £143 mini dress by Plein Sud Jeans and does her impression of two oak trees growing up side-by-side.

Then she slips that off and throws on a pink suit from Zara and again shows us the full acreage of flesh that are her (inaptly named) pins.

But all this has a point – Nikki is using the pages of OK! to introduce the world to her boyfriend, fashion store manager Jamie Meakin.

Which is just about where our interest wanes and so we pop our head round the door of the Park Lane Hotel just in time to catch EastEnder Gary Beadle marry his long-time girlfriend, Tanya Findel-Hawkins.

There’s no shortage of celebrities here, chucking pink champagne down their throats as they chat among each other and pose for photographs.

But wait! Someone is missing. Where is Gary’s co-star and Tanya’s one-time idol, Letitia Dean?

“I went to school with Titia,” says Tanya, by way of an explanation. “I adored her and looked on her as a mentor because she was in the class above me – she was so glamorous.

“She showed me how to get a better cleavage by dusting a little bronzer there.”

On such things are friendships born – or, as Nikki would say, from such small acorns two giant oaks can grow.’

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