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by | 16th, September 2003

‘THEY say that every cloud has a silver lining, and they may just be right.

If we promise no more war, will you keep your knickers on?

In protest at the political climate following 9/11, Yoko Ono recreated her 1964 striptease performance-art show Cut Piece in Paris last night.

The Guardian reports that more than 200 people queued to chop away at her clothes, taking turns to snip small pieces with a pair of scissors. The idea was that the pieces would then be sent to loved ones.

But the mood of the times is not what it was in the Sixties, and the audience couldn’t bring themselves to go the whole hog, leaving what the paper describes as “a modest display of matching underwear”.

But her experience is not unique. “These occasions don’t always end in nakedness,” explained a retired American schoolteacher. “When I performed it with a small group of students they left a lot of my clothes on.”

We here at Anorak can confirm this. Our only attempt at recreating the piece had to be stopped when even mechanical saws could make no impression upon our splendidly robust ComfiSlax economy trousers (£6.99 a pair or three for £20 from the usual address).’

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