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Oliver’s Army

by | 16th, September 2003

‘ONCE upon a time, Mr And Mrs Oliver had a tongue. They called it Jamie. Jamie learnt to move and contorted himself into fantastic forms. “Pukka,” said one. “Wicked,” said another.

Jamie checked all his staff for loyalty

And then Jamie opened his restaurant in the east of London and invited others to join him. And so a cult was born. And it was called Jamie’s Kitchen.

And then something incredible happened. The tongue sprouted a head, arms and even legs. We began to see that Jamie was more than just a tongue. He had grown into a man-tongue.

Tonight at 9pm on Channel 4 we get to see what has happened in the year since we last saw Jamie and his 15 cooking hopefuls.

Some have left, while many more have stayed. Some even see Jamie as their mentor. Once this would have been laughable. How many ways can you teach a young pup to say pukka?

But now Jamie is so much more.

But for those that still haven’t got the taste for the tongue there is a nice opening sequence of him being knocked off his scooter by a van.

How we laugh…’

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