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Romeo is Bleeding

by | 16th, September 2003

‘WILL Brooklyn and Romeo Beckham follow dad into football and mum’s knickers, or will they follow mum into the department store? Or can all the family talents be combined into one super Beckham hybrid?

‘See, I told you they would go round your nappy…’

The lads’ training is already off and running, and the Sun leads with news that young Romeo has been out shopping at a department store in Madrid.

What he bought we never get to learn, but we do hear that while out with grandma Sandra Beckham he stumbled at the bottom of an escalator.

It all sounds so innocent – until readers look to the Mirror and learn that the youngest Beckham cracked his head open after “plunging“ off the moving staircase.

A friend of Sandra tells how Romeo lost his grip and fell onto the bottom of the escalator. He never stumbled, as the Sun maintains. He was plunged. And the result was a deep cut to his head.

Quick as a flash the boy was taken to hospital, where surgeons worked tirelessly for almost an entire minute to deliver the vital two stitches to Romeo’s broken crown.

And at once all, perhaps, made sense. This was no innocent fall, no cry for help but a concerted bid by Romeo to be like dad. With Alex Ferguson not around to kick a boot in his face, Romeo opted for the next best option and took a dive. He now sports a plaster like dad’s.

How Brooklyn must blush with envy. But does his eye give the glint of a plot being hatched? That Argentinean kid at his nursery had best watch out…’

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