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Death Race 2003

by | 16th, September 2003

‘HAD Romeo Beckham cut his head open in a British shop, the store manager would have thrown him out for staining the carpet and he’d by have lost seven pints of blood waiting for the ambulance to arrive.

‘Last one to the hospital’s a corpse’

But little Becks was in Spain, which, by coincidence, is where Stephen Brown was when he received a call from his mother in Ripley, Derbyshire.

The Express listens in as 86-year-old Clarice tells her son that she’s called for the doctor. She’s felling unwell.

Like the good son, Stephen dashes to the airport in Alicante, where he arrives at 1:45 pm. He then boards a plane and takes off at 3pm.

Back in Blighty, a GP has arrived at mum’s home, and at 2:20pm has order an ambulance. The race is very much on. Can plane beat car?

You’re ahead of us, and we learn, now in the Mail, for which this story was, seemingly, specially written, that Stephen arrived at Derby General Hospital at 10:15 that night – thirty minutes before his mum.

“I can’t believe we awaited at the airport in Spain, flew to Birmingham, waited for out bags and drove to Derby and the ambulance hadn’t even been sent,” says a proud Stephen of his epic journey.

The long and short of it that Stephen is quicker than a speeding ambulance, and three weeks after calling an emergency vehicle, Clarice is dead.

Stephen now plans to undertake a new challenge and see if he can beat the ambulance travelling back from Miami on foot. If you have an ageing relative who wants to take part in this once-in-a-lifetime challenge, call Stephen on 118 RACE.’

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