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You Can’t Get The Staff

by | 17th, September 2003

‘ANOTHER day, another case of alleged bullying. This time it concerns Dr Edward Haughey, who lives at Corby Castle, and is described by the Telegraph as “one of Britain’s richest men”.

The master loved the feel of a hot iron on his pants

His housekeeper Linda Heaton says that he reduced her to tears over a missing gold menu holder, pulled her up over plans to use silver salvers for the meat course, and became “very stroppy” about her choice of vegetable bowls.

He is also said to have shouted (“at the top of is voice”) at the fish man. (That’s a man who sells fish, not a piscine-human hybrid summoned up in a feverish opium dream.)

Anyway, Mrs Heaton is very upset, and cried at yesterday’s employment tribunal. The paper reports that Haughey generally “raged” about standards of cleaning at the castle, and “interrogated a cleaner over how often she laundered his underpants”.

This last detail intrigues us. Was he complaining that his smalls were laundered too rarely or – awful thought, but it is our duty to face it – too often? We can only speculate privately, and we invite readers to do likewise.

Two years ago, Dr Heaton donated £1 million to the Conservative Party. This may or may not be significant.’

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