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Funny Boneheads

by | 17th, September 2003

‘LOOKING at other people and laughing at them is all part of what it is to be a television viewer. Look at those idiots, you say from your sofa. What a bunch of losers.

‘Everyone is soooo stupid’

Tonight is sure to give many opportunities for much of the same as BBC1 follows Chelsea Tales (9pm) with When The God Squad Came To Town.

The first of these programmes focuses on a cult of pink-shirted fools who bray and neigh with abandon. The second show hones in some young Christians as they arrive on the doorsteps of a housing estate in Manchester.

The cruel laughter reaches its apogee on Channel 4, where the catty Naomi Cleaver takes a look at a couple’s efforts at recreating Essex in their Hollywood home. Or is it the other way round?

No matter, because on Other People’s Houses the building and the homeowners are just the underlay to the star turn, and her unnerving ability to shoot these fish in a barrel.

Around the same time (9pm) FIVE, introduces us to Extreme Phobias. There’s the man who is afraid of baked beans and a salesman who has a fear of writing in public.

But none of these people, in any show, have a fear of making themselves look ridiculous when a TV camera is aimed in their direction. And long may it continue..’

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