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The Full Cancer Treatment

by | 17th, September 2003

‘WE often wonder what life is life in the home shared by Lynn Faulds Wood and John Stapleton.

Lynne Faulds Wood

In our fantasies we imagine the champions of child safety and her cancer, smoking 40 a day each and living in a home full of all the goods deemed too dangerous for human use that have featured on the couple’s myriad TV shows.

Sitting on a sofa with the non flame-retardant fabric and the arms covered in cherry burns from falling cigarette embers, Lynne talks about her new job presenting Lynn’ll Fix It on GMTV with her husband. And life.

“If I hadn’t had a three-year-old child and been a presenter of Watchdog – which means fighting for causes and not taking no for an answer – I seriously believe I’d be dead now,” says he.

Lynn had cancer. She had slight symptoms that came and went, which were finally diagnosed as cancer. And, what’s more, Lynne had cancer?

She also had a Caesarean. But, surprisingly, her son is called Nicholas, and not Jake. Which is odd indeed, and most likely illegal.

But normality is soon restored because Lynn is talking about the Atkins Diet, what the chattering classes use to prop up the conversion between talking about school fees, property prices and Lynn’s cancer.

“The Atkins diet does worry me, because it cuts out carbohydrate, which is where a lot of people get their fibre,” says Lynne. “It is now thought the transit time of food in the intestine could be important in determining who get bowel cancer.”

Oh, and did we tell you that Lynne has had just that? We didn’t? We’ll, let’s call Lynne back – we’re sure that with the right amount to charm and tact you can get her to talk about it.’

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