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Fairydown Under

by | 18th, September 2003

‘WHERE do you suppose the average outdoorsy army cross-dresser buys his outfits? Not from Anorak’s mail order service, that’s for sure. Our rugged gear wouldn’t suit those types at all.

Zone’s new range of boob tubes and hot pants

Perhaps they shop at Fairydown, the outdoor clothing company that dressed Sir Edmund Hilary on his Everest expedition.

If so, they should be warned that if they ever find themselves in Australia, they should ask for “Zone” instead – for that is the name under which the company now trades in that great land.

The Independent reports that Australian men thought that the name Fairydown had uncomfortable connotations because of the “fairy” bit. Clearly nobody has told them that “Zone” sounds like a gay nightclub.

Hugo Venter, the managing director of the company that makes Fairydown clothing, thinks that Aussie men are being “ridiculous”.

Nonsense. If Australian men, who choose to wear boob tubes and hot pants while playing their “Aussie rules”, have decided that “Fairydown” is an insufficiently macho moniker for their red-blooded threads, then who are we to disagree?’

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