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In The Dog House

by | 18th, September 2003

‘WHAT do you call 244 dogs, 16 exotic birds, five cats, two kittens, one rabbit and a chinchilla? Well, until yesterday, if you were Alan and Rosalind Gregson you’d have called them family.

‘They said I was special’

But the happy family has been broken up and taken away in 12 vans by the authorities. And last night, as the Mirror says, the couple were being “quizzed” by RSPCA interrogators.

The quiz is not believed to be multiple choice, but is thought to include the questions: a) How did you cope with the smell?; b) Which fur makes for the best gloves: and c) Do you know where the Land Army are and have you ever picked fruit for a living?

Meanwhile, the Sun stares agog at the Gregsons’ house, noting the hundreds of discarded dog-food cartons strewn all over the filthy yard, a space that contains no less than five dog sheds.

But what of the shadowy Gregsons? The Mirror interviews a few of their neighbours and builds a picture of a reclusive couple who made no effort to mix, and who liked dogs.

“I think he’s a plasterer by profession, but we hardly ever see them,” says one. “They keep themselves very much to themselves so much that we never see them,” says another. “I said ‘hello’ to her and she just looked away and didn’t reply,” comes a third voice.

But the biggest puzzle is not what the Gregsons are like, nor how they remembered each animal by name, but what they did with so much dog waste?

As the saying goes, a Land Army marches on its stomach. Still say you don’t know where they are..?’

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