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Too Much Of A Good Thing

by | 19th, September 2003

‘“WE are now eating 28 million eggs a day,” says Mark Williams, the chief executive of the excitingly-named British Egg Industry Council. “It’s phenomenal, I have never known it like this.”

‘My son was in that film’

Phenomenal indeed. And this raises many questions. How many people are employed by the British Egg Industry Council? A hundred? A thousand?

Even if it employs 10,000 people, that would still be some achievement. By our reckoning, that would mean that each employee is eating 2,800 eggs every day.

Anyone who has seen the film Cool Hand Luke will never forget the sight of Paul Newman’s grotesquely distended belly – and that was after consuming just a few dozen.

Whatever the exact figures, the Council’s heroic stupidity is having consequences far beyond the bowels and bathrooms of Egg House.

Apparently, there is now a national egg shortage, and the Times reports that this is pushing up the price by around 20 pence a dozen. “There could even be fewer Christmas cakes on sale because makers are unable to buy enough eggs,’ warns the paper.

Consumer Editor Valerie Eliot says that the Atkins diet is to blame for the shortage, but she’s not fooling anyone.’

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