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Kill Phil

by | 19th, September 2003

‘LISA, being the sane, rational person that she is, has decided that the best way to get baby Louise back is to kill Phil. This couple have nothing on Jonathan and Jennifer Hart – when they meet, it really is murder.

Den’s back to prove there is life after EastEnders

Lisa, in her new guise as sophisticated woman of the world (that’ll be The Lost World), persuaded a hit man to give her a gun after sleeping with him. Phil has nothing to worry about, as a night with Lisa would probably merit a water pistol at best.

Phil has other things on his mind besides his mental ex girlfriend as Dennis Rickman is back in Walford. Dennis is convinced (rightly) that it was Phil who tipped off Andy that he was responsible for Dalton’s murder. Phil told Andy that Dennis was back, hoping for some backup, but Andy has other fish (pigs) to fry in the shape of Kat Slater.

Dennis confronted Phil in the cellar of the Vic and challenged him to a fight to “sort it once and for all”. Phil, being in the sort of shape that would put George Best to shame, decides to hire some goons to do his fighting for him. Hardly the Queensberry Rules, but Phil isn’t known for his sporting behaviour, having slept with his brother’s wife.

Dennis is set to get his own back when a certain Dirty Den comes back from the dead next week.

Elsewhere on The Square other storylines limping along include Nana Moon’s descent into madness (Shane Ritchie’s shirts are enough to send anyone over the edge), Shirley’s cat turning up dead (lucky cat) and Andy’s pursuit of Kat.

Ronny finally had his wicked way with Zoe after lying to her that he loved her, and Little Mo discovered Billy’s insurance fraud and is demanding that he gives his payout back otherwise she’ll leave him. Not exactly a hard choice to make, surely?’

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