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No Sex For Becks

by | 22nd, September 2003

‘FOR just 20 English pounds, you could be the proud owner of a T-shirt bearing the slogan, “Bored of the Beckhams”, courtesy of website

Day-vid can’t stand to be away from Vicky for 90 minutes every week – plus injury time!

For the rest of us, a mere 30 English pence keeps us up to date with the antics of the famous couple, with this morning’s Star reporting that the pair face six ”agonising” weeks without sex.

“The pair’s non-stop work schedules mean they can’t find time to be together since David’s move to Spain – and their love life is a casualty,” the paper says.

But the marriage is still solid, according to the couple – although they do admit that living abroad has had its “frustrations”.

However, those frustrations don’t refer to the lack of time in the bedroom together, but to the time it has taken them to find a suitable house in Madrid.

“It’s hard in a hotel room with two young children and not having all their things out “ says a friend of the Beckhams.

Romeo is said especially to miss his knickers, Brooklyn his new sarong and David his Thomas The Tank Engine pop-up books.’

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