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It’s All Filth

by | 23rd, September 2003

‘YOU don’t have to be Mary Whitehouse or a Daily Mail reader to see that today’s TV schedules are full of filth.

What discerning rodents are reading this autumn

No, not Channel 4 Red Triangle filth nor Channel Five’s soft porn filth, but real filth as in dirt and bugs and rats and the like.

We kick off on ITV with the second part of Infested, in which we examine just how many things like how many bugs there are on the average toothbrush and meet the woman whose home is being eaten from the inside out by termites.

Then, we move on to the BBC and A Life Of Grime, in which we follow Bristol City Council’s efforts to empty a boating lake of fish so they can clean it, get introduced to a pensioner with a rat problem and help track down a mysterious serpent who has taken up residence in a squat.

If none of that sounds very appealing, it has at least got to be better than another episode of the tired and increasingly lame They Think It’s All Over. Where’s Kenneth Wolstenholme when you need him?’

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